Concepts in Motion NC Proximity Marketing

Summary of Benefits:


• Fast and Simple technology

• Completely secure

• Trigger return customers

• Use anywhere, at anytime

• Attract new customers by their smart devices

• Provide information about product

• Use GPS technology to increase sales

• Find peak times for business and gain intel about customer satisfaction!

Geo-fencing and Beacon technology has grown in popularity, and is used in so many ways. Using proximity marketing to maximize business is the next step in your journey as a small business. Whether you have a retail location, restaurant, museum, or feature different services like hair, nails, body work, etc. Geo-Fencing uses GPS coordinates to track movement in and out of the range of your store. It does not pose any security risk because it does not harvest data from a passerby. It simply notices their signal in range, and puts them on the map. 

After this signal has been received from your customer/future customer, your store can then send a signal back through the form of some type of preferred communication such as a text with a coupon! This technology expands horizons by maximizing opportunities for every single person that steps within your vicinity.

Beacons can be used outdoors and indoors, and they can even be in the form of a small sticker to apply to items. You can apply beacons anywhere, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors! Beacons can be used in conjunction with other types of technology such as tablets, so that when a customer picks up a product, the tablet can then feature information, sales, and pricing on the product. Proximity marketing is another great way to retain and reward customers!