Concepts in Motion NC Rewards Program

Loyalty programs are not anything new; however, Concepts in Motion NC has decided to execute this familiar idea in a completely unique and renewed way. With our technology, a whole app gets dedicated to your company. With this app, customers can now be rewarded for their loyalty, while keeping track of their rewards, plus, it has a user friendly interface.


Hardly anyone travels without their cellphones handy, using an app to keep track of customer spending, visits, and rewards is far more practical than using punch cards. This saves money on supplies, it also saves meaningful resources by going paperless, and it keeps transactions honest. After each purchase, a SmartStamp or digital code will be entered on their app to add to their progress. This way, it is fast, organized, and indisputable! Also, this enables you to view what is most popular in your business and capitalize on it!

Summary of Benefits:


• Fast and Simple technology

• Easy to examine business trends

• Thank customers & gain future business

• Use anywhere, at anytime

(Perfect for at-home businesses!)

• Paperless and less costly!

• Eliminates dishonesty among customer rewards redemptions